Automated Lighthouse Audits, The Easy Way

Effortlessly audit website performance, SEO, and accessibility with automated testing powered by Lighthouse.

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The Key to Your Fastest, Most Optimized Site

Manual website audits can quickly turn into a never-ending game of whack-a-mole.

Tools like Lighthouse or PageSpeed Insights can help, but you're left auditing each page every time you deploy a change. Forget one audit, and new issues could sneak through undetected. It's a relentless cycle. But there's a better way...

Enter Automated Lighthouse Audits Powered by DeploymentHawk

Think of DeploymentHawk as an ever-watchful sentry for your site. It saves time, offers precise insights, and ensures that no web performance, accessibility, or SEO issues slip through the cracks.

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DeploymentHawk ensures I know exactly how my sites are performing and that they're optimized to deliver great user experiences.

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Iain Poulson

Developer and Business Owner

Why is Scoring High in Lighthouse Important?

Lighthouse is a tool created by Google that checks your site's wellness across various aspects like performance, accessibility, SEO, and more.

Think of it as your website's personal fitness coach. Scoring high in Lighthouse means a well-optimized, user-friendly site that delights users and gives you a competitive edge over the competition.

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Boost User Experience

A slow or glitchy site can frustrate users, potentially driving them away. A high Lighthouse score indicates that your site is swift and smooth, keeping visitors engaged and likely to return.

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Rank Higher in Search Results

Search engines, including Google, consider site speed and usability as ranking factors. A high score here can launch your site to the top of search results, attracting more traffic and unique visitors.

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Increase Conversion Rates

A sluggish site that’s difficult to use can harm conversion rates, leaving money on the table. Research shows that a site that loads in under a second can have three times the conversion rate than a site taking five seconds or more.

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Reduce Bounce Rates

Research shows that over half of your visitors will abandon ship if your site takes more than three seconds to load. A site that loads quickly will keep users happy and increase engagement.

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Keep Mobile Users Happy

Over 50% of global website traffic comes from a mobile device. A site optimized for mobile will have a significant impact on boosting your search ranking and reducing bounce rates.

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Welcoming to Everyone

Lighthouse checks your site's accessibility against established guidelines. A high score here means you can rest assured that your website is usable by everyone.

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How Does It Work?

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    Perform Automated Audits

    Each time you deploy code to your website, DeploymentHawk will automatically perform automated testing on affected pages and generate graded reports for each.

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    Receive Graded Reports

    Each report will grade your page(s) out of 100 across four categories, including performance, SEO, and accessibility.

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    Instant Email Alerts

    If your Lighthouse scores and metrics have worsened since the previous deployment, we’ll instantly send you an email alert, notifying you of the affected items and metrics.

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    Recommendations and Insights

    DeploymentHawk will also provide recommendations and insights into how to improve those scores, allowing you to make your website as fast and performant as possible.

Everything You Need, Nothing More

A suite of features to amplify your website's speed and create an unforgettable user experience.

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Automated Audits

Automatically analyze your sites as deployments happen. There’s no waiting around for scheduled scans.

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Multiple Pages

There's more to a site than its homepage. Analyze all of your site's pages or just the critical ones. You choose.

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Track Key Metrics

Track key metrics that impact site performance, SEO, and accessibility on both mobile and desktop devices.

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Insightful Recommendations

Receive detailed recommendations on improving your site's performance, SEO, and accessibility.

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Network Requests

Quickly identify large network requests and track their file size changes between deployments.

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Email Notifications

Receive an overview of your site's scores as deployments happen.

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Deep Dive Into Network Requests

View all network requests, response headers, and request size changes since the previous deployment.

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