DeploymentHawk has everything you need to ensure you catch performance, accessibility, and SEO issues before they impact your users.



Simply having a well-optimized homepage isn't enough. What about those crucial pages that drive conversions, like your landing pages?

With DeploymentHawk, you have the flexibility to monitor a single page or focus on specific pages that matter most. Whenever a site audit is triggered, we'll analyze all your monitored pages.
Add your staging environments in DeploymentHawk and receive instant feedback as you deploy changes. Know exactly how those changes impact your site before they go live.
A monitored site in DeploymentHawk


Site Audits

Manual site audits are time-consuming. DeploymentHawk has everything you need to automate and integrate them into your workflow.

Deployment Webhooks
Notify DeploymentHawk whenever you update your site, and we'll audit it right away.
Scheduled Audits
We support daily, weekly, and monthly automated audits.
On-demand Audits
Run a site audit at any time via the DeploymentHawk dashboard.
Global Test Regions
Audit your site from one of our globally available test regions.
Cache Warming
We automatically prime your site's caches before each audit.
Basic Auth
Audit your site or environments, even if they're protected with basic authentication.
Variability Detection
We employ specific techniques to ensure consistent performance scoring.

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Gain a clear understanding of your site's performance, accessibility, and SEO challenges with actionable recommendations on improving them.

A generated report in DeploymentHawk
Performance Insights
Prevent slow load times and optimize page speed to enhance user experience.
Accessibility Insights
Ensure your site is accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities.
SEO Insights
Identify SEO mistakes to ensure your site is appealing to search engines.
Desktop and Mobile
Receive scores and recommendations for both desktop and mobile devices.
Compare Results
See how your scores, metrics, and network requests have changed between audits.
Shareable Links

Coming Soon

Easily share reports with outside collaborators or clients via shareable links.


Network Requests

Analyze all network activity during page load, track down large assets, and identify ways to improve resource loading.

Size and Weight
Sort resources by their transfer size, uncompressed size, or total page weight.
Response Headers
View HTTP response headers and identify resources with inefficient caching policies.
Filter and Search
Quickly filter network requests by type and highlight third-party resources.
A site's network requests in DeploymentHawk



Don't let site performance or other issues slip through the cracks. Notify the right people when something needs attention.

Receive an overview of your site's monitored pages directly to your chosen Slack channel. You can switch between mobile and desktop views seamlessly within Slack.
Receive category scores and performance metrics for your site's homepage, delivered directly to your inbox.
A DeploymentHawk notification in Slack

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